Don´t forget to claim your love to you mother!

On the next Sunday, it will be the mother day in Germany! But do you know it? It doesn´t take place at the same moment in France. Indeed, it will take place the 28 th of May. What is the origin of this celebration? What can you offer to your mother?

The source of this international celebration is American. The American congress has chosen in 1914 the second Sunday of May as the date of Mother’s day after that Anna Jarvis paid homage to her died mother. In the wake of this, Germany decided planned the same date in 1923. The village of Artas in the department so called “l´Isére” appears as the cradle of this tradition in France, because in 1906, its inhabitants celebrate it already. The Mother celebration starts to be official in 1950, whose the date is planned the last Sunday of May. If the Pentecost falls on this day, it is reported to the first Sunday of June.


Traditional gifts are noodles colliers or jewels boxes made by the children in France. In Germany, the latter offer flowers, chocolate or praline. This is why florists are open some hours in the most of Länder. They prepare too breakfast or the beloved cake of their mother!

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